Development of simple BPM diagnostic tool

Scratch Development of Employee Work Data Management System

We have been conducting scratch development of web systems to solve our clients’ problems.

Below are some examples of our past web system scratch development projects.

Problem to be solved: To understand the number of man-hours per employee’s work. By understanding the ratio of core to non-core tasks, the client wanted to review the tasks and identify points to improve efficiency.

Solution: We developed a custom web application from scratch to address the client’s challenge. The application allows each member of the team to easily input daily work details and provides the ability to automatically aggregate and analyze the data.


Results: The outcomes of this project are as follows

1.Easy data entry: Each member of the team can now easily register his or her work in the system. This allows for hassle-free data collection and quick understanding of the number of man-hours spent on work.

2.Effective data analysis: The developed system includes a data analysis function. We were able to gain a detailed understanding of the ratio between core and non-core operations. Points for reviewing operations and improving efficiency were clarified, providing useful information when considering appropriate allocation of resources and measures to improve business processes.

The project enabled the client to streamline the management and analysis of work data and take important steps toward optimizing business processes throughout the organization.

Our expertise in custom web application development helped the client achieve their business goals.