Work efficiency using Google environment (Google Apps Script)

Work Efficiency with Google Environment

We develop and implement systems to automate and streamline operations in accordance with the client’s internal environment. The following is an example of work efficiency improvement using Google Apps Script (GAS) in the Google environment.

Google Apps Script (GAS) is a development tool for automating and linking various services provided by Google. GAS can be used to automate processes on various services provided by Google, such as Gmail, Calendar, Google Spreadsheet, Google Drive, etc., and to link multiple services.

Project: Administrative work for a luxury brand’s secret event





Problem to be solved:.

1.An invitation email with a QR code image needs to be sent to the invited guests of the event.

2.The invitation email must be sent within 3 days. (Turnaround time: 3 days)



A system was developed to manage the list of participants using Google Spreadsheet and automate the following processes using GAS (Google Apps Script).

1.QR code generation: Using GAS, participants’ ID information was instantly converted into a QR code

2.Email invitation creation: The system automatically creates an invitation email with the QR code attached.



1.Quick invitation emails: The GAS-based system automatically generated an invitation email with a QR code based on the participant’s information and sent it quickly to the participants.
Deadlines could be met within 3 days.

2.Elimination of human error: Manual creation of invitation emails was prone to human error, such as typos and forgetting to attach the QR code, but the automated process eliminated these errors and improved quality.


This case study leveraged the Google environment and used GAS to ensure a timely and accurate invitation email sending process. We were also able to work closely with the client to develop and deliver the product within a short 3-day turnaround time.