We will accompany the first steps of DX.
Provide flexible solutions and leverage IT to evolve business processes and customer experience.

We will accompany the first steps of DX.
Provide flexible solutions and leverage IT to evolve business processes and customer experience.

System Introduction Results

70 cases

Shortest time to operation


Number of repeat deals



Thank you very much for your always friendly and prompt service!
They are quick to respond to the latest tools, and even though we were vague about what we wanted to do as a department, they were able to materialize it, and were very helpful in consulting with us on even the most difficult issues!
I am sure we will continue to ask you for your unreasonable requests and fantasies, but thank you very much for your help!

Even when I had not fully organized what I wanted to do as the person in charge of practical work and was in a vague state, HIKE would carefully listen to me, and sometimes they would proceed with the discussion while organizing things for me, which was really helpful.
With new systems and tools coming out one after another, I really appreciate the way HIKE searches for and finds materials that will enable us to realize what we want to do, in addition to those with a proven track record, and makes proposals to us.
Even after the request, they provide detailed care and prompt follow-up, so we can rely on them. Thank you for everything.

We are always grateful to HIKE for their assistance in our business! They attend our meetings with our clients and respond to our system-related problems in a speedy and courteous manner.
Everyone at HIKE not only has a high level of understanding of our system, but they are also willing to work with us as members involved in the project to ensure the success of the project.
They are very reassuring because they work with us to realize our client’s goals, sometimes by offering suggestions.
I would very much like to work with him not only on the current project, but also on various other projects.
I look forward to working with you in the future!


We support our customers’ sustainable growth by solving business efficiency issues through IT.

By proposing the most appropriate IT solutions and implementing them onsite according to the needs of our clients,
We enhance the speed and quality of operations and strengthen the competitiveness of the company.
HIKE Inc. will be your partner to realize your company’s digital transformation (DX).
DX is the use of IT to transform business models and processes as part of a management strategy.
Many companies are working on DX, but there are still various challenges.
We hope to contribute to society by working with our clients to solve these issues and promote DX.

Shinichiro Ikeda, HIKE Co.

Do you have any of these problems?

I have a lot of repetitive tasks.
I want to be more efficient, but I don’t even know where I can be more efficient!
I want to make my Excel work easier.
I want to develop a system, but I don’t know what to do…
I wonder if there is a place where I can easily consult about IT-related issues.

What HIKE can do for you

Hearing & Operational Arrangement
We will carefully listen to your problems and consider what we can do to solve them.


Software Introduction Support

Based on the content of the hearing, we will support the best software fair from introduction to operation.
Development & Maintenance

No worries after development!
We can also take care of the maintenance afterwards.

Three characteristics that HIKE is committed to

High quality

We are confident in the high quality of our services, with many experienced and proven engineers on our staff. We support the stable operation and optimization of our clients’ IT infrastructure with our solid technical capabilities.

Wide range of support

We not only support a wide range of development languages, but also develop a variety of individualized services to meet our clients’ needs. We provide a wide range of services to achieve the best possible results for each and every customer.

Close Communication

HIKE’s goal is not only to develop a system, but also to enable the client to effectively operate the system and resolve issues. To this end, we always strive to conduct thorough interviews and provide sincere and detailed customer service.

We are looking for new members!

Let’s HIKE together!

HIKE is looking for people who will work with us to solve our customers’ problems.