Call center system construction (secretariat)

Call Center System Construction and Efficiency

We provide call center system construction and management services for more than 10 clients who launch call centers each year. Below are some examples of call center system construction.

Problem to be solved:

1.Quickly launch a call center.
2.Centralized management of inquiry data to be shared among team members.
3.To support telecommuting.



We integrated two systems to create a call center system

1.Amazon Connect: a cloud-based contact center service that can be used from any location. Using this service, we can quickly set up a call center, issuing phone numbers in as little as 10 minutes from the time of request.

2.Salesforce: A customer relationship management (CRM) platform that enables centralized management of customer information and effective customer service; Salesforce integration makes it easy to share customer data and leverage analytics to automatically generate reports for reporting.



The project has resulted in the following outcomes

1.Rapid launch of the call center: Amazon Connect enabled the company to launch the call center quickly and respond quickly to business needs.

2.Centralized customer information: Salesforce has enabled the company to centralize customer information and easily share it with other members of the team. The analytics function allows for real-time report generation, making it easy to prepare data for reporting.

3.Support for telecommuting: The cloud-based system has created an environment that encourages telecommuting, moving away from traditional fixed-line office operations. This has enabled the realization of flexible work styles.

The client’s call center was quickly built, and operational efficiency was also improved by adding analytical functions.